Anything That Grows

An ancient Chinese proverb says, “If you have only two coins, with one buy bread and with the other buy lilies”.  From an early age, my mother taught me these simple lessons about beautiful things. Not those bought with wealth, but the beauty of simple pleasures we experience which connect to the heart.

Part of the reason I began this blog was to recall and share the valuable lessons I learned at her feet. She still teaches me so much. As I remember the following that my mother shared with me, I eagerly await the first buds of Spring.

Notes from Nan:

Martha Stewart says that “anything that grows together, goes together.”  The flowers you find in bloom at the same time makes a beautiful arrangement whether in a formal arrangement or blossoms stuck in a clear glass mason jar.  At a recent garden club meeting I was told that putting the greenery in first is a good idea when arranging flowers. Once a lady known for her beautiful arrangements was arranging flowers for a dinner party.  I went with her to a discount flower center to pick out flowers.  “I want that and that and that” she said with confidence.    When she was making arrangement at another time using beautiful oak leaf hydrangeas she kept saying, “I need more.  More.  Bring me more.”  This lady knew what she was doing and the arrangements were beautiful.

A simple bud in a simple vase also speaks volumes, touches hearts and lifts the spirits.


Forsythia (Martha Stewart) are among the first to make a Spring appearance
Lilacs & Peonies, my spring favorites (photo source unknown)
Hydrangeas – a midsummer dream

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