Our House was in a Magazine – And here’s what I learned!

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Five years ago, we found a fixer upper in a beautiful neighborhood and fell in love. Thus began the story of our current home. We put an offer on the very day it went on the market, and 8 months later our complete large scale renovations were complete! At the time, I was not in the field of design, but we had previously completed 2 home renovations (Lance was an architect before we started our business), including that surprise renovation when this car took a detour into our house. 

Not only was I not a designer, but i was also not a blogger. So it came as a great surprise when someone referred us to a design editor at Better Homes & Gardens.

After rounds of submitting photos and a visit from a location scout, we finally received word that our house had been selected. I hadn’t told anyone because it seemed like such a longshot. Our house was not full of the latest trends, but rather of vintage furniture, DIYs and affordable solutions to design problems. Still. They picked us.

Our home was shot and featured in the January 2016 issue of Better Homes & Gardens (full feature here!)

The fun and surprising experience gave me a whole new appreciation for the unique aspect of preparing a home for an editorial.  I thought I would take a walk down memory lane to share with you some tips – juuuust in case a magazine crew ever shows up on your doorstep!!!!

4 Things I Did on Magazine Shoot Day (Plus the 2 Things I Wish I Had Done!)

  1. Recruit a Friend – Find a friend or two who can be available to help you with your hair & makeup, or to bring coffee to the crew to start the morning right.
  2. Bake Muffins – Did I just say bake muffins? You are going to be crazy-pants getting ready for the shoot. Honestly, during the shoot is not the time to start baking. So let’s scratch that – Find a friend to bring muffins over. Put them on a platter – pretend like you made them.
  3. Snap Away – Take several behind the scene pictures. In most cases of magazine photography, you are unlikely to have full access to the pictures. Make sure you don’t do this in a way that interferes with the crew at work. You’ll enjoy having a few shots to remember the process.
  4. Show Gratitude – There is a crew of people at work in your home. Yes, it’s your home. Be comfortable in it. But also give them the space to do their work. If you can, jot down their home addresses. Follow up with a note of gratitude after they leave.
  5. Watch and Learn – Chances are, if your home is going to be photographed for a magazine, you take some pleasure in the art of making a home. Well, you are in for a treat because you are about to learn some insider tricks to photographing interiors. (Cool trick i learned: Removing the glass from family photos takes the reflection glare out of pictures!)
  6. Prepare Without Panic – Don’t stress about making your home perfect before the crew arrives. Do what you can to get your house ready, but remember – there is a reason you have already been chosen. The crew might have a unique story they would like to tell with your article. Some of your items might not photograph well. They will likely bring items to assist in the shoot. Without going overboard, you might consider having handy a variety of other decor favorites readily accessible, as well as several outfit change or 2 to choose from in the event that you will be photographed. Enjoy the process. Don’t stress and let them take care of the details for you!

It was such a fun and memorable experience for our family. Have you ever had your house featured in a magazine? What tips would you share? For the full article & more pictures,  click here!

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Did you miss the link above! Click here for the full article and more pictures!


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January 21, 2018 at 09:01 PM

Ha! This one cracks me up, Carrie, because I most certainly will NEVER be preparing my house for a magazine shoot! I have been inspired by your house, though, as my new kitchen looks a lot more like your kitchen (white cabinets) and less like my last one (garish, bright red walls). And…I did buy a copy of the magazine with your house in it, so I could live that experience vicariously through you! I show that issue to all my friends.

Carrie Brockreply
January 23, 2018 at 12:01 AM
– In reply to: Karina

😉 you never know when the magazine might come calling, karina! when that happens, just reference this post.

Janan Byerreply
January 27, 2018 at 01:01 AM

I love your style and organization ideas! I just pinned so many new things because of you. 🙂

Carrie Brockreply
January 30, 2018 at 02:01 PM
– In reply to: Janan Byer

I love this! Thank you so much, Janan!!!!!

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