Your Guide to Garland

this year’s white pine garland

It’s that time of year again – and we waste NO time getting our house decked out for the holidays! This year, our decorating was waylaid by a round of stomach bug that made its’ way through our house!

Many people have asked about our garland choices for this year, so I thought I’d share my favorite sources. In the past, we have purchased our garland from Santa’s Trees (Hillsboro High School), and Home Depot (if we can get it as part of black friday’s deals). We have purchased a variety of garland with varying degrees of success. I’m also a huge fan of Flower Mart, which sells garland. Their 2 locations (west end and green hills) also have a great selection of decorative greens.

This year, we purchased 100 feet of White Pine at $30 per 25 foot roll from Santa’s Trees. We would have had enough with 75 feet. At Santa’s Trees, the White Pine is least expensive, with other garland priced at up to $140/roll. As you can imagine, this can add up! Unfortunately, the white pine we purchased one week ago is already pretty dried out. After testing a few sources, I’ve concluded that the fraser fir just lasts longer. There are ways to keep your garland hydrated, but it frankly seems too much trouble to me.

If you head to one of Nashville’s sources for garland, do some homework to see what kind of garland you prefer. Santa’s Trees offers Boxwood, White Pine, Heavy Fraser Fir, White Pine/Fraser Fir Mix, and a Premium Select options (gorgeous, but a big price jump at $140 a roll!)

For tips on how to hang garland on your banister and mantel, here is a great tutorial! And below are some of my favorite inspirations from the web!
















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