The Disruption of Hospitality – Thoughts from My Mother

From Carrie: My parents have been a wonderful example to me of living generously with what you have been given. I have been joined around my mother’s dinner table by both dignitaries and immigrants. I’ve asked her to share with us thoughts on gracious hospitality, among other topics.

Keep reading for 3 Important Lessons on Hospitality my mom shares with us today!

A hand-lettered border around my dear friends Buddy & Bernie Arnold’s ceiling read, “Better a dinner of herbs, where love is.”  Bernie was the Food Editor for The Nashville Banner for many years and Buddy was the paper’s Drama & Music Critic, and our church’s music minister.   Being a guest in their home meant Bernie’s homemade soups, salad from Bud’s garden, and handmade plates, each with it’s own unique blessing.

When my husband Doug and I were making the decision to buy the home of country music comedienne Minnie Pearl, we turned to Buddy and Bernie for Godly counsel about the new responsibilities we sensed we would face owning a home that would be used for fundraising events and other social functions and just might disrupt our Sunday afternoon naps.   What would it be like?  Would we be able to open our homes to others?

Bud & Bernie invited us over, as they had many times before, and shared with us about their experiences hosting dinners and gatherings throughout their marriage. Three of their most memorable insights they shared that day were:

l.  Be yourself. (from Bud)

2.  It’s going to take a lot of work. (from Bernie)

3.  You never know how much good you will do with just a cup of coffee.  (from Buddy)

This advise Bernie and Bud gave us has guided us in all the moves we have made since those 7 years we spent in Minnie Pearl’s home.  Though many would remind us, “It’s your home, not Minnie Pearl’s,” to us it will always be Minnie’s.

(Picture above by my lifelong friend, Brooke Rainey Photos)


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