Growing Anemones

Anemones have always been one of my favorite flowers. But they are expensive and hard to find. Planting bulbs is the very best way to satisfy my love of flowers and not break the bank. But we are now in the garden-planning-season, so it’s time to buy those bulbs online to get them in the ground this fall!

Anemone corms (or bulbs) look weird and different than the tulip and daffodil bulbs that most people are accustomed to – and it’s sort of confusing to know which way is up. Follow the directions and you will have such a lovely show in the spring! (Don’t forget to presoak the corms.) If planting your own, my advice is to buy 3x more than you expect. I love how they look in mass and I can never, ever get enough. I’ve never been able to track down the white-and-black anemone corms, but this year I’m going to buy some of the Anemone de Caen bi-color. Happy fall garden planning!
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